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We only use the good stuff

Our henna is made in house with fresh, organic ingredients, creating a dark and long lasting stain. Our jagua is frozen and rush delivered from a supplier we found to have the darkest stain.  Our "white henna", glitter, and jewels are all purchased from high end cosmetic companies.  Only the best!

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A little henna shop right in the heart of Waikiki.  Offering temporary tattoos using safe, natural products, a friendly smile, and a quality result.  All designs are freehand and customized for every guest, no stencils are used.  It may be temporary, but it will be on you for awhile!  Have your henna done by a professional local artist for an affordable price.

A henna session with us is meant to be an experience, satisfaction guaranteed!  See what our customers have to say on our Google review Yelp! pages here~